golden retriever in a wizard costume

Pet Costumes 101: Halloween Edition

What is more exciting than matching your Halloween costume with the perfect accessory, your pet? From pirates with their trusty parrots on their shoulders to a combo meal complete with fries and a drink, people worldwide love dressing up their pets. So this Halloween, find the most hilarious, cute, and easy costumes for your loving friends with these tips!

Pomeranian wearing black bat wings

    Pet Costume Ideas

    Playing dress up with your favorite K9 doesn't have to be reserved for Halloween. Instead, consider purchasing or making unique costumes for matching each holiday, especially for smaller dogs who love the extra warmth. Some popular year-round costumes include the biker dog, a referee of your favorite sport, a bride or groom, or even your favorite coffee slinger.

    Active dogs look stylish and sporty in windbreakers, working halters with pockets, and even hats and sunglasses. Finally, don't forget about your furry friend's sensitive paws; you can find shoes of all types, including waterproof paw-wear.

    Your helpful companion deserves the best Halloween costumes available this year! Pair your costume with your dog's to make the best matching costume at the party. Check out these matching outfit ideas!

    french bulldog in costume

    Winifred (Hocus Pocus)

    • Need a third to complete your sister circle? Dress your Fido as Winifred! 

    UPS Driver

    • Have fun getting those packages delivered by the cutest UPS driver, and remember to box yourself up! 

    Bat Dog

    • Are we going as a vampire? Don't forget your bat dog! 

    Thing One & Thing Two

    • Have two adorable four-legged munchkins? Opt for the kid-friendly Cat in the Hat costume with an adorable Thing One and Thing Two! 


    • Dominate the Iron (or plastic) throne with a pup-dragon on standby for your Daenerys dress! 

    Classic vs. Current: Making Laughs vs. Making A Statement

    puppy in dragon onesie

    Classic dog costumes always make the "best of" list, and this year is no exception. So dress your little pup in a basket to match your Wizard of Oz costume, add a werewolf to your pack, or dress your furry friend up as a famous beast. Other timeless classics include the teddy bear, tacos, and the ever-laughable hot dog- especially on a Dachshund.

    This year's favorites include a pup latte, pumpkin, and a Holy Hound. Depending on your costume theme, you may even be able to set up a wizarding competition or fight ghosts together. Dig up a glow-in-the-dark fossil of a dog (sweater), or fight the villains with your favorite heroes. You can even have matching costumes for your dog and their best friend, like mustard and ketchup.

    dog wearing witch halloween costume

    Feel like making a political statement (or making fun of one), dress your fuzzy friend in a presidential costume. Were you going for more volume? How about a Marilyn Monroe cutie in her iconic white dress, complete with a choker and beautiful blond wig? Careful, you don't get bit for laughing at her extra padding, though!

    We all have those times when we feel bad about our dog's situation with the dreaded cone of shame. So play it up this Halloween and make a martini.

    Some beautiful breeds have the advantage over others and love the attention they receive when getting their costumes ready… at the dog groomers. Have the groomer trim your gorgeous Chow-Chow into a mighty hyena for the season, or use your breed's long hair to mimic the fashion of the 80s.

    DIY Dog Costumes: Easy At-Home Costume Ideas

    irish setter wearing captain america bandana

    You don't need to spend a freakish amount of money to have the best in show dog Halloween costume. Create magic with everyday items around the house, especially for last-minute invites.

    Some quick and easy ideas include:

    • Use your dog's harness, some felt, and a couple of popsicle sticks to craft a cute set of wings for a bat dog or fairy god dog.
    • Use felt to cut out a glasses headband, wrap your wizard's school scarf around your pet's neck, and voila, instant wizard.
    • Want a killer costume quick? Use that empty cereal box, cut holes for the legs and back, and use the extra to create a paper butcher knife. Tape or glue the blade to the cereal box and place the container on your pup. Now you have an adorable cereal killer.
    • All you need to create the perfect beanie baby is a pair of scissors, paper, ribbon, and a red marker. Simply snip the paper into a heart shape, color with the marker in the iconic TY, cut a hole for the ribbon, and attach it to your pet.
    dog wearing a white bed sheet as a ghost costume

    Of course, no DIY costume list is complete without the classic ghost made from a white sheet. Training your pup to carry a lantern or pumpkin makes the costume even cuter. So, the next time you decide to have a matching Halloween costume or create a new and adorable look for your favorite pet, try a few of the ideas above and experiment with these pur-fectly a-dog-able looks. 


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