Quality ingredients for quality pets

For the very best ingredients, it is necessary to source some of our ingredients globally. This doesn’t mean everything comes from China. We also purchase ingredients from Norway, Iceland, Germany, Canada, and many other countries. Buying and validating ingredients from reputable suppliers is the most important step in our quality process. Here are the other steps we take to ensure the products we produce are efficacious and safe:

  • Immediate quarantine upon receipt of ingredients.
  • A state of the art Near Infrared Spectroscope is used to confirm the identity of the ingredients.
  • All new ingredients are tested three times by an outside lab to validate that those ingredients meet the Certificate of Analysis claims.
  • Additionally, once per year, we use an outside lab to validate that the ingredients meet the Certificate of Analysis claims.
  • A sample is taken and various tests are performed, such as salmonella, E.coli, and other microbial tests.
  • Ingredients are not used in production until all safety tests are reviewed and approved by our Quality Control Team.
  • After production products are once again put through various testing methods which include Enterobacteriaceae, E.coli, salmonella, heterotrophic plate count, and/or yeast and mold depending on the type of product produced.
  • We also have a testing system in place to validate the final product meets label claims.

In addition to the standard testing protocol, we also are 3rd party audited on a yearly basis by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for nutritional supplements cGMP compliance under title 21 CFR Part 111. This Provides safety-related certification, testing, and validation to our manufacturing process.

We are an FDA and NASC audited manufacturing facility which means that our finished products are routinely subjected to tests by a third party independent laboratory that performs an analysis to ensure labels claims are met.