Doggo Lingo: The Pet Parent's Dictionary

Doggo Lingo: The Pet Parent's Dictionary

Navigating the world of pet parenting isn’t just about mastering commands like "sit" and "stay" – it’s about embracing the wholesome and delightful language of dog lingo! Imagine: you’re curled up on the couch with your furry friend, scrolling through the latest dog memes. Some pretty silly words are being tossed around… but you aren’t in on the joke!

If you've ever wondered what it means when your dog has ‘zoomies’ or why your cat's 'blep' is different from a 'mlem', stick around. We're about to decode the pet language that will make your conversations and social media captions absolutely pawsome. Because, let's face it, talking like a pet parent is a 'fur-ever' kind of love.

1. Doggo

Pronunciation: dawg-oh / Type of Word: Noun

doggo sleeping on the bed


An endearing term used to refer to a dog of any age, often emphasizing the dog's lovable or adorable qualities.

Used in a sentence:

"After a long walk in the park, our doggo loves to curl up on the couch for a nap."

2. Pupper

Pronunciation: pup-er / Type of Word: Noun

pupper staring at you


A term for a young or small dog, especially a puppy. Often used affectionately for dogs of any age.

Used in a sentence:

"We just adopted a new pupper, and he's already a cherished part of the family."

3. Boop

Pronunciation: boop / Type of Word: Verb

heart shaped hands around dog's nose


To touch a dog's nose gently, or to point out a photo predominantly featuring a dog’s snout.

Used in a sentence:

"When our dog's snout is in the perfect position, we can't resist a gentle boop."

4. Zoomies

Pronunciation: zoom-ees / Type of Word: Noun

cat's with the zoomies outside


Used to describe a dog or cat running around wildly, often in circles. Usually caused by an exciting stimulus or a sudden burst of energy.

Used in a sentence:

"My cat has a bad case of the zoomies every night from 2-5am… she bounces off the walls!"

5. Smol

Pronunciation: smol / Type of Word: Adjective

smol black chihuahuas in teacup


A term used to describe anything small and cute, often a puppy or a small breed dog. It's a playful modification of the word "small."

Used in a sentence:

"We just brought home a smol puppy who has quickly become the center of our world."

6. Blep

Pronunciation: blep / Type of Word: Noun, Verb

dog blep caught in photo


Used when a dog (or cat)’s tongue is sticking out slightly without realizing it, often captured in a photo.

Used in a sentence:

"Our dog often falls asleep with a tiny blep showing - it's the cutest thing!"

7. Mlem

Pronunciation: mlem / Type of Word: Noun, Verb

dog sticking tongue out


A term describing a dog (or any animal) licking or sticking out its tongue, often in a lapping or drinking manner. Mlem vs. blep can be distinguished by whether the pet is purposely sticking its tongue out.

Used in a sentence:

"Whenever we break out the peanut butter, our dog starts to mlem."

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8. Snoot

Pronunciation: snoot / Type of Word: Noun

golden retriever licking snoot


A playful term for a dog's nose or snout.

Used in a sentence:

"Our dog's snoot is always warm and wet, a sign of good health!"

9. Bork

Pronunciation: bork / Type of Word: Verb, Noun

puppy borking


A playful way to describe a dog's bark.

Used in a sentence:

"When the doorbell rings, our dog can't help but bork in excitement."

10. Floof

Pronunciation: floof / Type of Word: Noun, Adjective

floofy samoyed in flower field


A term for a particularly fluffy dog, or used to describe anything fluffy in general.

Used in a sentence:

"Our new Samoyed is such a floof - we love burying our hands in his soft fur."

11. Pawsome

Pronunciation: paw-some / Type of Word: Adjective

beagle shaking trainer's hand


A dog-related spin on "awesome," used to describe anything that is excellent, impressive, or particularly pleasing.

Used in a sentence:

"Did you see that Border Collie do a backflip? How pawsome is that!?"

12. Fur Baby

Pronunciation: fur bay-bee / Type of Word: Noun

kitten curled up around toy


A term dog parents use to refer to their pets in a very familial way, emphasizing their deep bond and affection.

Used in a sentence:

"Who needs human babies when you've got fur babies? They don't talk back and they're always excited to see you!"

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13. Snuggle Bug

Pronunciation: snuh-gull bug / Type of Word: Noun

cat playing in parent's lap


A dog or cat who loves to cuddle and snuggle, often found burrowing into blankets, beds, or the laps of their human friends.

Used in a sentence:

"Sure, our Bulldog may look tough, but catch him in the evenings, and he's a certified snuggle bug. He's all about that Netflix and chin scratch life!"

14. Goodboye (or girl)

Pronunciation: good-boy/good-girl / Type of Word: Noun

woman hugging her goodboye


Terms used to praise a dog for good behavior. Used to praise particularly endearing or obedient actions.

Used in a sentence:

"Did our Lab just fetch the remote without chewing it? What a goodboye! Somebody get this champ a treat!"

15. Heckin’

Pronunciation: heck-in / Type of Word: Adjective

corgi running heckin' fast across field


An adjective used to emphasize the next word, similar to 'very' or 'extremely'.

Used in a sentence:

"That Corgi's got a heckin' adorable butt wiggle. It's like watching a loaf of bread trying to salsa dance!"

16. Loaf

Pronunciation: loh-f / Type of Word: Noun, Verb

cat loaf door mat


When a cat is lying with all its legs tucked in and resembles a cat loaf of bread.

Used in a sentence:

"Caught our cat loafing on the sofa again. He’s got the art of loafing down to a science—perfect form, 10/10 would loaf again."

17. Sploot

Pronunciation: sploot / Type of Word: Noun, Verb

frenchie sploot


When a dog lies flat on its belly with its legs spread out behind it.

Used in a sentence:

"Our Dachshund does the most majestic sploot. We tried to join him once but realized human splooting is not quite as graceful."

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18. Fren

Pronunciation: fren / Type of Word: Noun

dog and cat being frens


A cute, meme way to say 'friend', often referring to a dog or other friendly pet.

Used in a sentence:

"Who needs human friends when you've got dog frens? They give better cuddles and hardly ever steal your snacks."

19. Boof

Pronunciation: boof / Type of Word: Noun, Verb

doberman boofing


A low, deep bark or the act of barking in such a way.

Used in a sentence:

"Our Saint Bernard doesn’t just bark, he boofs. When he boofs, we don’t need an alarm system!"

20. Puppersnup

Pronunciation: pup-per-snup / Type of Word: Noun

dog yawning with its puppersnup


A cute term for a dog's face or snout.

Used in a sentence:

"That puppersnup! It's so boopable that we often lose track of time during our booping marathons."

Now You’re in the Know!

Remember, whether your pup is a 'loaf' or more of a 'sploot', they're always a 'goodboye' or 'goodgirl' at heart. This lingo is more than just fun – it's a way to strengthen your bond with other pet parents online. You're officially heckin' ready to dive into the world of pet memes and conversations with fellow pet lovers.


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