27 Gifts for Dog Lovers: Mother’s Day Edition

27 Gifts for Dog Lovers: Mother’s Day Edition

If you’re anything like us, then you know there’s no love quite as fiercely loyal as the love shared between a dog parent and their fur baby. You want to show them off to everyone, everywhere, and in all aspects of your life. We’ve put together a list of 27 gifts for dog lovers both you and your pup will adore, ranging from practical to playful and everything in between!

Whether you’re looking to spoil yourself and your own canine companion or a fellow dog devotee, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect present below.

*Please note that all prices were accurate at the time of writing. Prices are subject to change without notice. Pictures do not show exact product.

1. Cozy Puppy Cuddles

pet blanket

Custom Pet Blanket | From $32.54

What’s better than snuggling up on the couch with your pupper? Wrapping yourselves up in a fluffy blanket bearing their likeness! You get to personalize the fabric, size, and color. Best of all: you don’t have to play favorites since you can include up to four of your wet-nosed friends and their names.

2. Dog Appreciator Kitchen Apparel

dog oven mitts

Dog Oven Mitts | $21.98

Break out the mixing bowls and make some pupcakes while looking like a pro baker by sporting a pair of pooch-patterned oven mitts. On top of featuring various beloved breeds, they’re also reinforced with a clear silicone shell for added heat resistance.

3. Pup-Themed Pamper Box

dog mom spa box

Dog Mom Spa Gift Set | $45.62

Dog mom gifts can be just as beneficial to fur babies. Take this self-care box, for example: it’s packed with spa-day goodies for both yourself and your pooch. Enjoy a home spa day together and see their doggy post-quarantine anxiety fade away.

4. The Gift of Organization

personalized leash holder

Personalized Leash Holder | $66.99

If you’re searching for practical dog gifts, then a custom leash holder will do just the trick. This version keeps everything untangled, organized, and, most importantly, looking cute.

5. Welcome to the Dog House

personalized welcome mat

Dog Lover Welcome Mat | $24.95

The perfect gifts for dog lovers reveal exactly where their priorities (and hearts!) lie. Make a lasting impression on all who arrive at your abode with a custom welcome mat, boldly declaring home is wherever you and your pup are together.

6. Boho Pup Mug

custom dog mug

Personalized Canine Coffee Mug | From $10.08

Become the envy of every colleague by sipping your morning brew from a custom mug emblazoned with your loyal pal’s face. And if you’re shopping for an equal parts canine and caffeine lover, opt for the 15-ounce option over the 11-ounce version.

7. Puppy Starter Pack

puppy parent gift box

New Puppy Gift Box | $49.99

Surprise dog mom gifts are the best dog mom gifts. Treat a new fur momma to a gift box filled with spoils for themselves and their new addition. Contents include pet accessories and pup-themed homeware.

8. Pawsome Wind Chime

custom doggy windchime

Personalized Wind Chime | $59.00

There are some truly sweet and unique dog gifts out there that pay tribute to fur babies across the rainbow bridge. This wind chime is certainly one of them. Hang it in a scenic spot to enjoy the delicate sounds as you reminisce about the good times.

9. Proud Dog Mom

dog mom shirt

Dog Mom Shirt | $17.99

Feel comfy and cute while proudly announcing your parental status with a dog mom shirt. It’s the perfect tee to throw on for an outing with your fur baby or just chilling at home together. 

10. Light of My Life

custom pet lamp

Custom Dog Photo Lamp | $76.75

Another of the more practical gifts for dog lovers, this personalized paw photo lamp will illuminate any bedside table with the soft glow and loving presence of a loyal pooch.

11. A Blankie and Teddy for the Best Boy (or Girl)

dog bedtime set

Dog Bedtime Set | $29.99

What could possibly warm a dog lover’s heart more than their fur baby curled up beneath an oh-so-plush blankie? When said blankie comes with an adorable teddy bear squeaky toy, that’s what! This dog gifts combo is a true value-for-money deal.

12. Pillow Pets

dog shaped pillow

Personalized Pup Pillow | From $17.75

Make another fur parent’s heart skip a beat with the plushest of dog gifts. This custom pillow is friend-shaped and the next best thing to cuddling their actual dog!

13. Keep Them Close

pet portrait necklace

Pup Portrait Necklace | $28.50

Of all the dog mom gifts, this has got to be one of the most sentimental. Carry your furbaby close to your heart with a custom-engraved puppy portrait necklace.

14. Store Dog Toys in Style

dog canvas toy basket

Canvas Dog Toy Basket | $29.99

Keep the house tidy by treating your best friend to their own toy basket. It makes great dog gifts for fellow pup parents too.

15. Immortalize Them in Art

dog watercolor painting

Watercolor Pet Portrait | From $33.52

Capture your precious pooch in watercolor with a custom pet portrait. It’s among the unique dog gifts that can stand the test of time and never look out of place.

16. Puzzled Pups

500pc dog puzzle

500 Piece Dog Puzzle | $13.99

No matter how many times you build this puzzle, it’s bound to put a smile on your face. After all: who can resist doggos great and small in cozy pet costumes? Plus, it’s one of those gifts for dog lovers the whole family can enjoy – especially during game night.

17. Cool Canine Accessory

special dog tag

Circular Dog Tag | $19.99

Ensure your pup’s safe return should they go exploring and make a fashion statement with one of the most underrated dog gifts: a custom collar tag. The whimsical outdoor theme makes this version particularly appealing.

18. Stylish Dog Mom Jewelry

pet name stone bracelet

Pet Name Stone Bracelet | From $13.99

Semi-precious stone and dog lovers, this one’s for you. Made from high-quality materials, these dainty bracelets are a chic way of keeping your darling doggo close even when apart.

19. Happy Birthday, Dear Doggo

dog milestone chart

Dog Milestone Board | From $29.99

Celebrate your fur-ever friend on their special day and create amazing photo ops with a birthday milestone chalkboard. Its reusability is what sees it counted among the best budget-friendly gifts for dog lovers.

20. Sleek New Collar

leather wanderer collar

Chic Rope and Leather Collar | From $14.99

Do dogs like kisses? Well, we certainly hope yours does because wearing a collar this sleek yet understated will make them absolutely irresistible – no dog lover will be able to pass by without stopping for a slobbery smooch!

21. Stay Hydrated

dog travel water bottle

Dog Travel Bottle | From $25.00

Leak-tight, BPA-free, as well as food and dishwasher-safe, this dog travel bottle has got to be one of our favorite dog mom gifts on the list. Apart from coming in three attractive colors, it also features a handy carabiner for attaching to backpacks, belts, and leashes during walks.

22. Say It With a Bandana

reversible dog bandana

Reversible Doggy Bandanas | $13.99

Let everyone know who your pups love most with these heartwarming dog gifts. You undoubtedly deserve the coveted titles of Best Dog Mom AND Gift Giver.

23. To the Best Dog Mom

custom mother's day card

Dog Mother’s Day Card | From $5.50

Get all the dog moms in your life a Mother’s Day card from their beloved pack. Although a simple gift, it’s sure to make a huge impact.

24. Keep Those Treats Safe

custom dog treat jar

Personalized Dog Treat Jar | $34.99

Secure your best friend’s treats in a custom jar bearing their name. The best part? Its simple yet elegant design adds to your kitchen décor.

25. Tote-ally Cute

dog design on tote bag

Dog Tote Bag | $10.00

Dog mom gifts you can flaunt while out and about? Yes, please! Carry your essentials and boast about your love of four-legged friends at the same time.

26. Stick It to ‘Em

dog sticker pack

If I Can’t Bring My Dog Sticker | $4.30

Make it clear what you think about events that don’t allow dogs with this sassy sticker. Let’s face it: if your BFF can’t attend, why bother going anyway?

27. Fluffy Fashionista Coming Through

dog dressed in orange parka

Dog Parka | From $43.99

Our list of gifts for dog lovers had to conclude with this cheerful yellow dog parka. Your fur baby will not only look snazzy in the snow but stay nice and toasty, too.

Whether looking to spoil yourself, your pup, or a fellow dog lover – we hope our list of pup-themed presents has inspired you. Happy gifting!


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