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YOE S 31 6oz NV 66001

Yard Odor Eliminator

(16 customer reviews)

For lawn and yard. Do not spray directly on pets.

ELIMINATES ODORS from such places as Dog Runs, Grass, Gravel & Concrete, Patios, and Fences.

Yard Odor Eliminator helps eliminate stool and urine odors. Spray on any outdoor surface. For use on grass, plants, shrubs, patios, patio furniture, kennels, dog runs, swing sets, fences, block walls or any other surface where odors arise due to pets. If spraying on fabric, test product on a very small inconspicuous surface area before using.

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Available In: 31.6 fl. oz spray | 16 fl. oz refill | 64 fl. oz refill
Made in the USA

Made in the USA

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100% Money-back Guarantee

Quality Ingredients

Top Quality Ingredients

Yard Odor Eliminator is for your lawn and yard. Do not spray directly on pets.

Yard Odor Eliminator helps eliminate stool and urine odors. Spray on any outdoor surface. For use on grass, plants, shrubs, patios, patio furniture, kennels, dog runs, swing sets, fences, block walls or any other surface where odors arise due to pets. If spraying on fabric, test product on a very small inconspicuous surface area before using.

Keep out of the reach of children. Do not spray directly on pets. Avoid contact with eyes or accidental ingestion. Keep children and pets from sprayed from sprayed area until dry. In case of allergic reaction or accidental ingestion consult a health professional immediately. Do not spray around fish ponds or where run-off will drain into ponds. To avoid run-off or puddling, do not over-spray product.

Shake well before using. Connect sprayer to garden hose. Turn on water. To begin spraying, point nozzle in the direction you want to spray. Turn plastic knob to “ON” position. Spray evenly over area. To stop spraying turn knob to “OFF” position. Turn off water and disconnect sprayer from hose. Yard Odor Eliminator quickly eliminates pet odors from your yard due to stool and urine.

16 reviews for Yard Odor Eliminator

Disclaimer: These testimonials are for informational purposes only. The information is not a substitute for expert veterinary care. Testimonials are written by actual customers and represent their own observations. These observations are not guaranteed, are not medically substantiated, and may not be typical for other pets.

  1. Don

    Best Odor Eliminating Product we have ever found.
    Works great on the gravel and the patio

  2. Mara Mittelman

    We moved into our home a little over a month ago and have a 15 x 20 pen for our 2 small dogs. We were going nuts with the odor no matter often I cleaned out the pen or weed wacked. I came across your odor eliminator and bought a bottle 2 weeks ago. I have only used to applications and we are THRILLED with the result. The effect lasts about 5 days. Thank you so much.

  3. Myranda Vasquez

    Best odor eliminator!! We’ve been using it for years; tried other products and nothing compares. We just have a hard time finding it at an affordable price. Chewy.com is affordable but there’s shipping which is 1/2 the cost of the product… It’s also on Amazon but it’s 2-3x’s the cost. I wish we could buy it from here direct.

  4. AL

    I ordered the refill online thinking I could use it on my hose-end sprayer. Unfortunately the directions are ONLY for their refill bottle. It would be nice if they also offered directions for using other hose-end sprayers. I can’t review the product yet because I haven’t been able to use it yet. I hope the product is better than their directions.

    • NaturVet

      Hi Al. Thank you for your product question. You can dilute the concentrate 50/50 for use in other hose sprayers however we never know what mechanisms other hose sprayers are using to dilute the concentrate so it might not be as effective. If you are using a garden sprayer not connected to a hose, the 50/50 concentration is fine.

  5. Lynn

    This is the perfect product for spraying the paver area of our dog run. Even though we have had the pavers sealed, hosing down the area wasn’t effective. This product removes all urine odors AND removes the stains on the pavers as well. I use it once a week and we couldn’t be happier with this! My only question is, since it foams a bit on application, do we need to rinse it off with fresh water, or just leave to dry? Silly, but I am wondering… Thanks, Naturvet!

    • NaturVet

      Hi Lynn. Thank for your great comments on the Yard Odor Eliminator. There is no need to rinse the product. We do suggest letting the product dry before returning the your dog back into the area.

  6. Denise Schultz

    I purchased this item. Connected to hose. But the liquid isn’t dispensing at all. What do I do?

    • NaturVet

      Hi Denbise. Please give our NaturVet office a call at 888-628-8783 and ask to speak to Customer Service and we will replace your sprayer.

  7. Tyler

    How do I take off the top of the spray bottle so I can refill it?

    • NaturVet

      Hi Tyler. Thank you for your product question. We apologize and we are now aware of this thread locking issue with a few of the tops on the YOE product. Please call us at 888-628-8783 and speak to anyone in Customer Service for a replacement bottle.

  8. Robert Stahl

    The appropriate answer to number 5 from April 27, 2020 at 12:12 pm would have been to provide the appropriate dilution for your product in ounces per gallon or ml per Liter, which most all garden suppliers do. Many hose end suppliers have this option or specify. The calculation is easy. I am a chemist and this is no issue. I was very surprised. I need to use a water can as my dogs use a large grass box on the apartment 10th floor balcony.

    • NaturVet

      Hi Robert. I assume from your comments you figured out the proper dilution for your use with the watering can, which is a great idea. I am sure there are customers that would find your watering can idea very beneficial. The YOE Ready to Use has the hose adapter top that provides the proper dilution. In your application using the watering can, you can purchase the refill concentrate without the hose applicator and dilute the product with water at a 50/50 ratio.

  9. Jim

    Doesn’t work for long, and not great coverage.
    It worked for about a half a day, and it took half a bottle to cover a 20×20 area. Pretty disappointed.

    • NaturVet

      Hi Jim. We are sorry the product did not meet your expectations and please apply for your refund at naturvet@naturvet.com. And thank you for giving the product a try.

  10. Robert Stahl

    Relative to the claim of the 50:50 mix for the concentrate. The sprayer uses a green K1 hose end sprayer which is designed to work at a 20:1 ratio. This can be looked up on line. This was also verified with a 2 gallon bucket. A gallon is 128 oz. A 50:50 mix is very excessive and 20 times greater than needed. 1 gallon would need 6.4 oz. So a 2 gallon water can would need about 1.5 cups. This was a guess prior to doing anything as 50:50 seemed high. There is no need to use so much. The small correct dilution works great.

    • NaturVet

      Hi Robert. Thank you for your math equations and I will send it over to the proper person who handles the formulations.

  11. geni lusk

    can you use this on artificial turf

    • NaturVet

      HI Geni. Thank you for your product question. Artificial Turf can be manufactured by many different plastics, etc. It can generally be used on artificial turf but we suggested you spot test it first in a very small inconspicuous area.

  12. Sabrina Barbas

    Is this an enzymatic cleaner or does it just mask the odor? I am wondering if I need to use it more often or switch products as the smell comes back pretty quickly especially on hot days

    • NaturVet

      Hi Sabrina. Thank you for your product question. The YOE actually eliminates odor, not mask it. The odor will come back once the area is contaminated again. However, you can use it as often as necessary.

  13. Angie

    Can this product be used indoors

    • NaturVet

      Hi Angie. It is difficult to use it indoors due to the hose attachment properly diluting the product and it would have to dry before allowing pet access.

  14. Eric

    Is this an enzymatic cleaner?

    • NaturVet (store manager)

      Hi Eric. Thank you for your product question. The Yard Odor Eliminator is not an enzymatic cleaner.

  15. Diane n Jensen

    How many sqare feet does the 31.5 fluid oz cover?

    • NaturVet (store manager)

      Hi Diane,
      We do not list the square footage on our package as people apply this product differently. Some have one specific area of the yard where the concentrate the spray and some will use a light coating of the product over the entire yard to help remove yard odors. Water pressure will also make this product leave the sprayer at different rates as well. We would recommend starting with the smaller bottle and see how that works then move up to the refill if you like how the product works!

  16. Rachel

    I bought this and sprayed over my yard. It wasn’t until I started spraying that I noticed it’s a very strong and pungent chemically smell. Surprisingly there are no ingredients on the package and now I am concerned about what is in it and if I should even let me pets walk on the grass.

    • NaturVet (store manager)

      Hi Rachel,
      The active ingredients is a mild, diluted, natural plant derived alkyldimethylbenzyl ammonium chloride in a water solution. The rest of the ingredients are a proprietary formula. The ingredients are perfectly safe for pets and they can be on the grass once the product dries. If you’d like more assistance with this, please email us at naturvet@naturvet.com.

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