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Quiet Moments® Dog Calming Aid Soft Chews
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Quiet Moments Plus Melatonin 12oz SC Cup 70ct NV 03695

Quiet Moments® Dog Calming Aid Soft Chews

(25 customer reviews)

Veterinarian Formulated & Recommended

Quiet Moments® Dog Soft Chews are for use in dogs over the age of 12 weeks.

Our unique blend of Thiamine and L-tryptophan help reduce stress and tension. Ginger supports sensitive stomachs which is especially important when traveling, while Melatonin helps to promote rest and relaxation.

  • Promotes a gentle sense of relaxation
  • Formulated to help settle sensitive stomachs
  • Made with ginger and melatonin
  • Great for traveling, fireworks, thunderstorms, and trips to the groomer!

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Available In: 70 ct cup | 65 ct bag | 180 ct jar | 240 ct jar
Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Money-back Guarantee

100% Money-back Guarantee

Quality Ingredients

Top Quality Ingredients

Quiet Moments® Dog Soft Chews are for use in dogs over the age of 12 weeks.

Our unique blend of Thiamine and L-tryptophan help reduce stress and tension. Ginger supports sensitive stomachs which is especially important when traveling, while Melatonin helps to promote rest and relaxation.

If animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian. Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. Administer during or after the animal has eaten to reduce incidence of gastrointestinal upset. Caution with concomitant use of MAO inhibitors and sedatives.

For animal use only. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately. Due to the tasty nature of our products, do not leave package unattended around pets.

Active Ingredients per 2 soft chews:
Chamomile 150 mg
Thiamine Mononitrate 100 mg
Passion Flower 100 mg
Ginger 100 mg
L-Tryptophan 30 mg
Melatonin 120 mcg

Brewer’s Dried Yeast, Canola Oil, Dried Potato Product, Flaxseed, Glycerin, Lecithin, Maltodextrin, Mixed Tocopherols, Natural Flavoring, Rosemary Extract, Sorbic Acid, Tapioca Starch, Vegetable Oil, and Water.

Directions For Use:
Up to 26 lbs. 1 soft chew
27 to 50 lbs. 2 soft chews
51 to 99 lbs. 4 soft chews
100 lbs. and over 6 soft chews

Give recommended amount 30 minutes prior to stressful situation. Do not exceed double the above specified amount in a 12-hour period.

25 reviews for Quiet Moments® Dog Calming Aid Soft Chews

Disclaimer: These testimonials are for informational purposes only. The information is not a substitute for expert veterinary care. Testimonials are written by actual customers and represent their own observations. These observations are not guaranteed, are not medically substantiated, and may not be typical for other pets.

  1. Don

    This product works wonders for our 10 Year old Great Dane. She gets very nervous at night or if we’re not home.

  2. Holly

    My golden retriever gets extremely nervous, anxious and jittery when there are loud noises. The 4th of July made her a trembling basket case for the first two years. Then I found this product. She is calm and quiet. She sleeps through the event.

  3. Kathy

    As our dog is getting older, he seems to be scared of so many things! We tried Quiet Moments at the suggestion of our vet. It’s helped our pup so much! He’s back to his quiet, mellow old self!

  4. Lisa Stamper

    My 13 and a half year old dog Jakey recently had 18 teeth pulled at once. The first day we brought him home from the surgery he started clawing at his face, even narcotic pain pills didn’t stop the clawing. Every hour, day and night he would get up and claw at his face until his arms and his mouth were bleeding (I think the sutures are cutting into his arms) Here is a video of what he was doing: https://www.facebook.com/Munelite/videos/10213477795085606/
    Then a miracle happened… my honey found Jakey NaturVet’s Quiet Moments. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN TWO WEEKS JAKEY AND THE WHOLE HOUSE GOT SLEEP!!! Video of Jakey AFTER Quiet Moments: https://www.facebook.com/Munelite/videos/10213536958044643/
    It is literally like day and night. We finally are all getting some sleep, including my poor stressed out dog. If you are looking for something to calm a stressed dog… this stuff works like a miracle. I swear they have Jesus up there in their kitchen sticking his finger in every batch. I can’t thank them enough for helping my dog and my whole house.

  5. Andrew S.

    My daughter and I were on a three hour road trip from Dallas to Austin, Texas with our five month old Australian Shepard Lilly-Hope. She has a problem with motion sickness in the car and vomited twice in two hours.
    On the way we Googled for help and discovered your product at Petco in Temple, Tx. We made a detour and bought a package. On our way home from, Austin we gave her two chewables at 7:30am (15 lb puppy). Stopped for lunch at 1pm and feed her with two more. Arrived home at 3:30.
    I am pleased to report, not once did she vomit or show signs, i.e. watering of the mouth, of vomiting. Your product worked!! Thank you.
    By the way, as frequent flyer, I recommend Ginger to all my friends for nausea. It is the best remedy.
    Thanks again. Andrew and Sophia

  6. Amelia

    Unfortunately these didn’t work on any of our 4 dogs. It even made them more hyper. We left the container on the table and a few days later one of the dogs knocked it down. All the treats were devoured yet none of them slowed down. The dogs loved the taste but they didn’t work.

    • NaturVet

      Hi Amelia. We are very sorry the calming treats did not work for your doggies and we will give you a full refund. Please send a copy of your receipt, the Lot # from the product lid, the UPC code and where to mail your refund check to: naturvet@naturvet.com. Or you can snail mail it to the address on the label of your product. You can also contact our customer service team at 888-628-8783 Mon-Fri 8 am- 5 pm PST or via email at naturvet@naturvet.com for assistance. And thank you for trying the product with your pets.

  7. Jaime

    So far these haven’t worked for our “teddybear” pup (9lbs) who is overly hyper and has some separation anxiety-he hasn’t slowed down one bit and still whines excessively when I only just leave the room. I am going to try to do two treats at one time (not to exceed double the dose in a 12 hr period) and see if that might help. If not, we’ll just have to finish up the container has a general treat, as he does like the taste, and look for something else.

    • NaturVet

      Hi Jamie. We are sorry to hear that our product was not effective with your pet. Keep in mind we do stand by our 100% Money Back Guarantee, so please be sure to contact our customer service team at 888-628-8783 Mon-Fri 8 am- 5 pm PST or via email at naturvet@naturvet.com for refund assistance. And thank you for giving the product a try with your pet.

  8. Stacy

    I am amazed at how well this product works! We work with rescues who often fear fireworks and thunderstorms or stress easily. Quiet Moments helps relax my pups in times of stress or anxiety. Our personal dog knows exactly where we keep our bottle and has signaled for them when a thunderstorm starts rumbling. My house will not be without these, ever.

    • NaturVet

      Hi Stacy. Thank you for your positive comments on the Quiet Moments Soft Chews. We are very glad that they are helping the rescue dogs and your own. And thank you for what you do with your rescue organization.

  9. Carolyn Pangborn

    Can I use this product daily, 365 days a year for anxiety on my dog? My 11 year old shihtzu has developed a fear of loud noises. Even chopping vegetables and cleaning dishes freaks her out.

    • NaturVet

      Hi Carolyn. Our Quiet Moments products are formulated to be used during stressful events such as thunderstorms, traveling, fireworks, grooming, trips to the Veterinarian, etc., but not for long term use. What I would recommend is our Quiet Moments Pheromone Room Spray that can be used daily long term. You can also use it in conjunction with any oral Quiet Moments products. If you have any further questions, please contact our Customer Service Team at 888-628-8783.

  10. Randy

    I just received a 180 count of hemp quiet moments for my 70 pound pooch. Gave her 4 treats and she seems to not be licking her rash and looks very relaxed and comfortable. I just hope these treats really work because from the looks of it, they’re actually doing a good job for her stress and pain. I love naturvet and they are good pet providers when it comes to natural remedy solutions. It depends how you use this product is what you’re going to get out of it. If you misuse it, it won’t work properly. Try adding pumpkin to your dog’s diet, organic canned pumpkin to be exact. NOT PIE FILLING. This in concoction with the naturvet hemp treats will show you great improvements in your dog’s overall health. Don’t rely on treats alone to get your dog to feeling better, you have to do your part as well. Thank you Naturvet. I love hall’s products!!!!!

  11. Tina

    My 10 1/2 mo. Boston Terrier is Super Wound Up at bedtime I play with her off & on All day she runs all thru the house and Lots of toys and Chew toys eats very healthy. These Quiet Moments seem to help at night after dinner and play before bed. Can I give it every night? Yes or No?

    • NaturVet

      Hi Tina. Thank you for your product question. The Quiet Moments Calming Aids should be used to calm your dog in stressful situations such as traveling, trips to the Veterinarian, thunderstorms, fireworks etc. It is not formulated to be used long term. We do have a Quiet Moments pheromone spray that can be used everyday and last up to 8 hours. You can also spray it on her bedding at night.

  12. Lauren

    Hello! This product is amazing!
    I have a very busy and barky Australian Shepherd named Lou. He will excitedly/anxiously bark nonstop on car rides and has some intense separation anxiety as well. I thought we had tried everything!
    I resorted to giving him a prescription doggy downer from the vet for our family vacation (12hrs in the car). He had horrible rebound anxiety and chewed his way out of his crate at our vacation home!
    I visited the local pet store and found this product and thought “anything is worth a try.”
    After giving him a trial dose he was alert but mellow and quiet- not loopy and weird like on the rx. We gave it to him before and during the ride home and had the most pleasant car ride with him!
    This will be a staple for all of our journeys/trips to the vet!

    • NaturVet

      Hi Lauren. Thank you for your product comments. We are so happy the Quiet Moments Soft Chews helped your doggy. When you have a moment, can you please comment on the Quiet Moments on our website? Your comments may help another owner find the product to use for their dogs anxiety. Thank you again.

  13. Dina Anderson

    Gave one treat to my high energy pup about one hour ago and he’s been barking way more than normal. I’ll give it another try, however, this calming treat may not work for us.

    • NaturVet

      Hi Dina. If the product does not work for your dog, please call 888-628-8783 for a full refund. You can also email us at naturvet@naturvet.com for refund instructions.

  14. Heidi Williams

    We rescued 2 young Akitas that were neglected and abused. Both dogs were extremely stressed and our local feed store recommend the Quiet Moments soft chews. It made a HUGE difference and helps them settle in without weight loss. Highly recommended.

    • NaturVet

      Hi Heidi. Thank you for such great comments on the product. We are so pleased the Quiet Moments are helping your rescue dogs. Please sign up for NaturVet Special Offers from our website and you will be mailed a coupon booklet that offers instant discount savings on the calming products.

  15. Shelby Schwarze

    This is more of a question than comment. I have a 5 1/2 month old Pomski and she gets car sick even on short trips. We are working on getting her more used to riding in the car but wanted to know if I’m taking her on a short trip somewhere local (i.e. the pet store or to her puppy class) will she be groggy and too relaxed to socialize with other dogs/people or will she be able to function normally and just be relaxed?

    • NaturVet

      Hi Shelby. Thank you for your product inquiry. The Quiet Moments soft chews are designed to take the edge off of the stressful situation and promote relaxation. I would suggest you start off with one half dose and see how your pup does. If not successful, you can give the full dose.

  16. Alex

    Hi my dog (30lbs frenchie) ate half of the small cat container and seemed fine? Could he have sude effects?

    • NaturVet

      We would like to gather more information regarding this event. can you please contact our customer service department at 888-628-8783.

  17. Dennis Bauman

    I received a sample of Quiet Moments from a call-in I made to Warren Epstein’s radio show to talk about our adopted Samoyed/Great Pyrenees fear of car travel. Our dog was about at about 7 months (and 80 lbs) when he fell or was thrown out of a vehicle, and picked up by the humane society as a stray wandering along a main thoroughfare.
    I had just contacted Samoyed Rescue to look to replace a beautiful 17 year old rescue Sammy who had passed away, and they told me that a local shelter had just picked up a dog that they thought was at least part Samoyed.
    It was love at first sight, and now, at 6 years and 120 lbs, he is an incredible dog. A great pet and companion, and I am in training with him to work with special needs kids, and seniors in a local skilled nursing facility.
    Zeus is just a good soul, but he has always been totally paranoid of cars. We worked with him to get him into a car, but he got sick from both ends within minutes of moving.
    Warren recommended Quiet moments and send a 6 chew sample for us to try.
    I did some research, and we decided to go for broke, and took Zeus on a 220 mile round trip visit to our grand daughter. We gave him 3 chews just before leaving, and he was calm and smiling, and his normal clingy self all the way there, and it was a great trip. Same routine for the return trip, and again a great trip.
    Prior to this trip, the longest trip we had taken without a mess was about 15 minutes to go downtown to listen to the bands on a Friday night.
    We couldn’t believe how Quiet Moments worked for all of us.

    • NaturVet

      Hi Dennis. Thank you so much so letting us know how the Quiet Moments helped make your car trips more enjoyable for you and Zeus. Please take a moment when you can and share your story on our Facebook page so it may also help others. Hugs to Zeus from the NaturVet crew!

  18. NaturVet

    Hi Stephanie. We received all your information and your refund check will be mailed out next Friday. And thank you for giving the product a try with your dog.

  19. Roxanne LaCapra

    We’ve had the calming chews for sometime and have only given our 7 year old carin-terrier poodle mix a chew from time to time. She is terrified of storms and fireworks. Seems our neighborhood has started a little early this year shooting off loud fireworks well into midnight. We gave her a chew this evening. Is it ok to give her one chew for the next 5-7 days? Feel so bad for her she is just petrified.

    • NaturVet

      Hi Roxanne. Thank you for your product question. This is such a terrifying holiday for some pets and you can certainly give your little doggy the Quiet Moments product over the next 7 days or so.

  20. Katherine

    I’m still testing these out to see if they work for my chihuahua Shih Tzu mix. She is around 10-13lbs and i give her 2 but not seeing any results. She is terrified of storms and honestly rain in general. Should I give her 3 or 4 instead?

    • NaturVet

      Hi Katherine. Your poor little doggy! You can increase the dosage by 1/2 chew as I am concerned additional chews will give her some gastric upset. And please keep in mind that we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee if they don’t help calm your pup.

  21. Karla Palomino

    I used these on my maltepoo mix 3 year old pup ad honestly he gets more hyper if anything. I thought during a grooming it would help his anxiety since i cant be there. Groomer told me he was hard to work with and had a few nips due to him being hyper and scared. Ive used these like maybe 3 times since i bought em last year but i also dont want to give him more than 1 in case it hurts him.

    • NaturVet

      Hi Karla. Please give our Customer Service Team at call at 888-628-8783 to discuss a possible working dosage and/or a refund.

  22. Lilianne Ricard

    Unfortunately these did not work for my dog, I tried giving him the recommended amount for his size (around 20lbs so I gave 1) and that did nothing so another time I tried giving him two instead and it again did nothing and then the third time I tried to give him 3 and it did nothing, I was really hoping these would work because I am moving across country and it’s gonna be long car ride of whining and deafening barking without him being able to sleep or at-least relax. However he does seem to like the taste as treats, but I can buy other good treats for much less than $25.

  23. Deanna Drake

    These were a lifesaver for this 4th of July! We have a very high energy 1 1/2 year old French Brittany. She can handle gun shots but fireworks send her trembling and panting. These did not knock her out but calmed her mind down enough that she could handle the fireworks. No panting or shaking all night was even able to be out with us for the little fireworks. We gave her 2 chews as she is right around 27 pounds.

    • NaturVet (store manager)

      Hi Deanna,
      We’re so glad the Quiet Moments Soft Chews worked so well for your pup! We’d love to use your review on our Social Media pages! Email us at Facebook@Naturvet.com if you’re interested!

  24. Paul Myers

    Gave these to our 75lb one year old German Shepard as directed because she hates fireworks, and they did nothing for her. The second time we even increased the amount by one (5 instead of 4), and still nothing. Was hoping they’d work. Now instead of her being calm we are taking her on a long drive to avoid the stress from all the residential fireworks being illegally set off.

    • NaturVet (store manager)

      Hi Paul,
      We’re sorry the Quiet Moments Soft Chews didn’t help your pup. With a breed that large you could have doubled the dosage 8 soft chews within a 12 hour period to help with severe anxiety due to fireworks. Nonetheless, we will be happy to refund the price you paid for the product. Please email us at naturvet@naturvet.com for refund information. Please include the review above and we will get that processed for you.

  25. Mimi

    Is it ok to give 1 chewable to my 11 month old shihtzu? Or half? She’s 16 pounds

    • NaturVet (store manager)

      Hi Mimi, the recommended dosage for you pup would be 1 soft chew. Thanks for the question!

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