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Owning a Cat: The Pros & Cons

Do you have room in your heart for a new furry friend? Before making a leap into adopting a new kitten, you may be wondering what life with a cat may look like, and if it is worth the trouble. This new article 'Are You 'Feline' Ready for a Cat?: Pros and Cons of Owning a Cat' can give some helpful insight into this question, as well as ways to combat some of the harsh truths of being a pet owner. Come read our new article and find out if a cat is the right pet for you!

Are You 'Feline' Ready for a Cat?: Pros and Cons of Owning a Cat

Are you thinking about finding a new furry addition to your family? Why not consider a cat? Having a cat as a pet can be a very rewarding experience, as well as the start of a lifelong companionship. Of course, any responsible owner would like to know what they may be getting into before adopting right away. Therefore, it is important to contemplate the pros and cons for owning a cat to see if they would fit in with the lifestyle and home structure you have currently.

The Purr-O's of a Cat

Although there is a lot of hard work to come, let's think of the positive aspects that a little kitty could add to someone's life. There are even a few myths to debunk about life with a kitty! 

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Low Maintenance Life

Unlike some pets, cats are very low maintenance friends. In fact, most cats only require a litter box, food, and water to live well and be happy. Of course, they should be loved and cared for like any other pet. Cats are very independent creatures, especially when it comes to hygiene. Baths are hardly an issue since they like to clean themselves throughout the day. As a bonus, you likely won't have to worry about potty training, either, as well as accidental surprises in the bathroom. In fact, they can go without a pet sitter for a certain amount of time if given enough food, water, and safety measures.

Feline Affectionate

A lot of people may believe that cats are not as lovable as dogs or other pets, but that myth is quite the contrary! A cat's love and affection is often earned instead of willingly given to everybody they meet, which may come off as aloof and boring at first. However it is important to realize that cats have a much different way of approaching affection, which is absolutely adorable. Cats often have to grow a bond with their owner which can lead to greetings at the door, nuzzling into their owners lap after a long day, or even exposing their belly for a gentle tummy rub. Having a kitty can become very therapeutic, since their form of love is very calm and loving.

With bonding in mind, it is also important to realize that a cat's attachment to you can become sour if they are forced to be lonely for most of the day. If this is a possibility due to a heavy work schedule, it may be a great opportunity to adopt in pairs. Then, your cat can have a little friend with them at all times while you're away.

Hiss-terical Entertainment

If you believe a cat would be a boring pet to play with, then you haven't seen anything yet! Kittens are some of the most energetic creatures ever. They have a wild personality of their own and love to actively explore the wide new world around them. Even as they mature, older cats keep their playful behavior and stay active with their owners. A game of chase never gets old to a cat, not to mention when their 'zoomies' have kicked in. There are so many fun toys you can spoil your cat with as well, but they may even find more enjoyment in the box! Funny enough, a cat can find fun in almost anything, whether it's a box or a piece of old string. No matter what, you'll never be bored with a cat around.

Help Around the House

Cats are also naturally born hunters, which you can use to your advantage. After all, cats were first domesticated to catch pests for their ancient owners. Since they like to hunt so much, you can get a nice little friend as well as a helpful exterminator for your household.

In addition to low maintenance, cats are very well acquainted to living in close quarters. If you have a small apartment, a cat may be for you! Kitties only ask to have a place to perch up to observe from a birds eye view, as well as a nice window and a cozy spot just for naps. In addition, cats entertain themselves and stay active most of the day, so they don't require a big yard or walks to the park to stay fit and healthy.

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The Claws Behind the Paws

While owning a little ball of fur is a lot of fun, it's isn't always playtime when they are around. Just like any other pet, there are a lot of responsibilities and sacrifices that are required for them to be happy.

Litter Box Woes

For one, cats can't take their litter box out themselves, as much as we all wish they could. Even a day or two of putting off cleaning can manage to stink up a whole bathroom. For this reason, it may be a good idea to find a good litter that holds odors in well, as well as keep a litter cleaning schedule up to date.

A 'Hairy' Situation

These little fur balls can be adorable, but sometimes their fur can become an issue if not managed properly. Shedding is a significant complaint in many households, especially for long haired cats. Oftentimes, not one piece of furniture is safe from their tiny little paws. While this may be alright with you, it could become an issue for family and friends if they have allergies to fur. Some ways to combat this reign is to adopt a short-haired cat, which often shed less, cats as well as brush them often to keep hair on the brush instead of your couch.

This activity can also double as a bonding experience for you and your pet! If done properly, some mild allergies can be combated with regular house maintenance and occasional allergy pills. 

'Catty' Attitudes

As the stereotype goes, cats really do have a mind of their own. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that saying 'no' may not always have the outcome that you expect. Cats are spunky, and will usually sit, play, and together their paws on a lot of stuff despite your pleas not to. As many owners can attest to, this can especially be true for clawing.

Furniture is a perfect victim for a scratching post, after all. Although you can't change your cat's strong- willed personality, not all hope is lost. At least for younger kittens, consistent training and early boundary setting (such as staying off counters and tables) can prove to be very effective if enforced well. Even when older, some deterrents can keep them away from destructive behavior such as a dedicated scratching post and cat deterrents.

Trips to the Vet

Unfortunately, medical bills are also a common concern for a new pet owner. If your cat becomes sick or hurt in the future, veterinarian costs can pile up quickly with age. Of course, on average, most visits to the vet are limited to regular check ups and vaccinations. As long as you keep your cat's health in mind when feeding them, giving them vitamins, and keeping up their hygiene, visits should be next to none.

Not Very 'Cathletic'

If a potential owner is looking for an active outdoor friend, a cat may not be a right fit. While cats can be the outdoorsy type, it can be difficult to play with them and tend to them the same way as you would a dog. This is because they don't require walks and playtime as much as a dog would. Of course, this just means that bonding and playtime must be adjusted to what a cat needs instead, which means more hands-on play such as chasing toys, laser pointers, and maybe even some catnip to spice up playtime! Taking care of a furry new family member is a life-changing decision and responsibility to uphold, so it should not be taken lightly. Of course, that does not mean it should be a scary choice to make. It is important to take all aspects of pet ownership into consideration, but also have fun with it! Owning a cat may mean a stinky litter box from time to time and a few clawed pillows, but after a while they can become a loving and playful soul to be around every day. 

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