Age Old Question: Does My Cat Love Me?

Age Old Question: Does My Cat Love Me?

Ah, the cat. So mysterious, so independent, and so hard to figure out. We’re well aware they know all the best hiding spots and that their curiosity rubs off on us. If you've ever had a cat, you know how difficult it can be to determine if they appreciate your existence. Maybe you've asked yourself; "Does my cat love me?" Cats are notoriously aloof and independent creatures. At times the answer feels like they don't need anyone to take care of them and that their lives are just dandy without our help.

But what if we could get to the bottom of this age-old question? What if we could analyze your cat’s behavior to determine its feelings toward you? In this post, we’ll be doing just that! Now without further delay, let’s see if your cat actually cares.

cat licking female owners nose

Does My Cat Love Me?

While cats bond strongly with their owners, they're still predators at heart who “hunt” alone or in small groups. Their hunting instincts often lead them away from their home and humans for days without notice. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t love you! Cats express love to their human parents in several ways; headbutting, purring, licking, cuddling to you. If your cat sleeps on or near you, it’s likely because they feel safe, protected, and loved around you.

Another way to understand your cat's love language is by observing their behavior and interactions with other humans and animals. If they’re affectionate with everyone, chances are good that your cat feels safe and secure in their environment.

If your cat is not affectionate with you, it could mean that they aren’t quite comfortable around you just yet. Make sure to give your cat the time they need to warm up to your presence and environment. If you show patience and compassion in the long run, your cat is likely to do the same!

Why Do Cats Meow at Humans?

grey cat meowing

Simply put, cats meow because they want to communicate with you. They don't meow to be annoying or to get your attention. They meow because they think you need to hear something.

So if your cat starts meowing, ask yourself: What might they want? Do they need food or water? Is the litter box dirty? Or perhaps it’s playtime! If you can figure out what your cat is attempting to communicate to you, be the loving provider you signed up to be!

Why Does My Cat Wake Me Up?

cats laying next to sleeping owner

If you're a cat owner, you likely already know that cats tend to be insomniacs. You might even notice that your cat wakes up around the same each night. But why, oh why, do cats seem to enjoy waking up their loving parents at all hours of the night?

Cats are creatures of habit, and they like routines – just like you! If your cat has been sleeping with you for years, then it's likely they have certain rituals around bedtime. So, if your cat wakes you up at the same time every night, this is likely because they’re following a routine. Alternatively, cats may wake up to use their litter box or get some food from their bowl. If this happens every night and your cat is generally healthy, then there's not much to worry about. They’re just being a cat!

Another reason your cat may wake you up is that they simply want to play. Cats are natural hunters and enjoy playing with objects like toys or strings – especially when their favorite people are involved. If your cat wakes you up at night, this could be because they’re simply craving attention from someone they love and trust.

What Does Purring Mean?

white cat purring

When you hear the purring of a cat, it’s often a sign that the animal is content and comfortable. A cat might also purr when they're happy or receiving affection from people they love.

Cats generally don't spend much time making this noise unless they're completely comfortable in their environment. So if your cat doesn't seem to be purring very often at home, consider sprucing up their surroundings with creature comforts such as toys, treats, and plenty of space.

If your cat doesn't seem to be purring at you, specifically, or if they're only doing so in a particular context (like when you're feeding them), it could mean that your cat feels threatened or uncomfortable around you – but even more likely, it might mean that they're just shy! If your cat isn't used to being around people, it may take them some time to relax around you enough to show their happiness through purring. Just be patient, and the purring will come!

How Do Cats Communicate?

Cats are highly communicative creatures and use various signals to communicate their feelings and intentions to you. Let’s talk through the two main ways your cat may try to communicate with you so that you can better understand one another!

Body Language

Dogs are more likely to communicate with their bodies, but cats can also use body language. When they're happy and relaxed, cats often purr and rub against people they care about (called "bunting"). They may also rub up against objects or scratch at furniture when they're feeling territorial. If you notice this behavior from your cat, it means they’re comfortable in their environment and trusts you enough to know they won't get kicked out for it.


Cats can make many sounds – their purrs range from low rumbling noises to high-pitched squeaks – but not all of these noises mean what we think they do! Cats will often make low-pitched noises when they're stressed or anxious; this is because such sounds travel longer distances than high-pitched ones do. So if your cat seems stressed out and makes a low-pitched noise, it's because they feel threatened by something.

Cats will also make high-pitched noises when they're excited or playful, so if you notice that your cat is making those sounds and seems happy, they probably want attention! In addition to purring, cats may also hiss, growl, spit, and meow depending on their mood.

Cats will hiss and growl when feeling threatened or if another animal is getting too close for comfort. This instinctual reaction lets the other animal know that it should back off. Cats may also hiss when feeling playful, however, often accompanied by purring. A cat's meow can mean many things, but more than likely, persistent meowing is a call for their favorite human’s attention.

Does My Cat Hate Me?

cat hissing at owner while being scratched

Observing your cat’s behavior is the best way to tell whether a cat loves or loathes you. If they seem to avoid you, it could be because they’re uncomfortable around people in general or not getting along with the other animals in your home. It's also possible that your cat is just feeling stressed out by something specific, like going on vacation or moving into a new home.

If your cat is usually friendly but has been avoiding you lately, they could be feeling sick or injured. Some symptoms may be sluggishness, or a decreased appetite. This could be an underlying medical condition that needs to be diagnosed by a veterinarian.

If your cat seems otherwise healthy and is just avoiding you, there are a few things you can do to rekindle your relationship. First, ensure your cat has plenty of stimulation, including toys, treats, and other cats if they’re social. Your cat also needs to get enough sleep – cats need at least 12 hours each day. If possible, create a cozy environment that you can see from a distance so your cat feels like they have their own space but still benefit from your presence.

How Do Cats Show Love?

grey cat being snuggled by male owner

Despite their apparent indifference at times, cats really are affectionate animals and can show their love in many different ways. They will often groom you, meaning they clean you or themselves and then rub their head against yours. This is because cats see themselves as part of the family and want to keep everyone clean!

Cats also purr when they’re happy, so if your cat starts purring while grooming you, this is a tell-tale sign that they love you.

If your cat kneads on your lap, bed, or sofa while sleeping with you – or even if they just like sitting next to you while relaxing – this is another sign that they love spending time with you.

Finally, if your cat sleeps near you, it means you’re significant enough for them to want to spend lots of time together! Cats will only sleep near people they are deeply bonded with.


Are you still wondering whether or not your cat loves you? Keep an eye on your cat’s behavior and compare your notes with the tips and tricks you learned in this article. And remember, it's never too late to change how your feline friend feels about you. The truth is that cats are not as demonstrative as dogs, but they have ways of showing their affection – and you have to pay close attention to see it play out! It's important to remember that cats show their love in a way that is unique to them. So this is by no means a one-size-fits-all guide.

When you least expect it, they will be there for you. They are affectionate and loving, but not necessarily in a way humans can easily see or understand. If you want to know how your cat feels, then ask. And listen. Cats may not be able to tell us what they are thinking or feeling, but they do have ways of letting us know when they are happy or sad – and what makes them feel most loved.


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