Our Mission

GarmonFamilyA percentage of all NaturVet® product sales are donated to supporting Pet Rescue Groups and their efforts. The NaturVet Foundation is comprised completely of non-paid volunteers. All funds raised or donated are applied to these efforts with only minor expenses and administrative fees deducted.

The NaturVet Foundation, a charitable, non-profit organization, is to help save the lives of homeless pets and to take this objective into the community by educating and teaching compassion, proper care and love for animals while supporting alternative NO-Kill Shelters. We’re committed to working as a team, along with NO-Kill Pet Shelters and local Humane Society branches to help support and raise funds for animal rescue. With this in mind, our goals are to:
1. Support & raise funds for NO-Kill Rescue Groups & Humane Society branches
2. Raise Funds for the addition of more local based Humane Society facilities
3. Teach children and the general public the value of caring for animals and spaying and neutering them.