Foundation Programs

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NaturVet donations fund protective vests for Colorado K9s
June 21, 2019 LAKE GEORGE, Colo. K9 Kato of the Parker Police Department recieved a bullet and stab proof vest sponsored by NaturVet and is embroidered with the sentiment “This gift of protection provided by NaturVet”.
Canine Support Teams The NaturVet Foundation donated $5,000 to Canine Support Teams.
Founded in 1989, Canine Support Team’s Mission is to provide specially trained assistance/service dogs to people with disabilities to support their personal, social, and occupational independence. Their vision is to change the way the world thinks about disabilities, one dog at a time.
Pet Awareness Programs.
The NaturVet Foundation donated $5000 to Best Friends Animal Society for working with special pet awareness programs in the greater Los Angeles and San Diego areas.
2013 NaturVet Foundation Donates to Animal Rescue Fund. For the Oklahoma Tornado Animals Victims.
PETCO Foundation Animal Relief Fund for the recent tornados. NaturVet & the NaturVet Foundation donated $10,000 to this special cause. Conservative efforts show that 7,000 dogs, cats and horses have been injured or displaced from their homes which were affected by flooding or tornadoes throughout the South and Midwest. The PETCO Foundation responds to disasters affecting animals and the people who love and need them, directing monetary and product donations to they areas where it is needed most.
Animal Rescue Kompany The NaturVet Foundation donated $5,000 to the local non-profit ARK.
Animal Rescue Kompany is a dedicated group of volunteers who’s goal is to decrease the amount of euthanization of animals by increasing the amount of adoptions of shelter pets. They go to local animal shelters and rescue dogs and cats that are at risk of being euthanized. These rescued animals are then placed in foster homes or boarding facilities until they can adopt them out at their weekly adoption events.