Educational Program

Teachers say the experience opens students’ hearts and minds.

Children who learn how to treat pets responsibly will become
adults who do not neglect, mistreat or discard animals.
Over the past few years, with the help of generous donors like you,
NaturVet Foundation has expanded its elementary

school field trip program throughout San Diego and Riverside counties:
2008 – 450 students | 2009 – 600 students | 2010 – 1,000 students

School Curriculum

Funding source:
NaturVet Foundation- A non-profit organization.

Cost to the district:
There is no cost to the child, school, or district.

Value of cost:
There is no cost to the child, school, or district. The value of our program is to help eliminate homeless animals by teaching children proper care, respect, and compassion. Our society is benefitedby people that love and care for their animals.

Cost per child:
There is no cost to the child school or district.

NaturVet Foundation information:
The mission of the NaturVet foundation, a charitable, non-profit organization, is to help save the lives of homeless pets and to take this objective into the community by educating and teaching compassion, proper care and love for animals while supporting alternative no-kill shelters and humane societies. We are committed to working as a team, along with no-kill shelters and humane society branches to educate, support, and raise funds for animal rescue. The NaturVet foundation is comprised completely of non-paid volunteers. All funds raised or donated are applied to these efforts with only minor expenses and administrative fees deducted. For more information please visit us at our web-site

Parameters for the school system and our aim:
The field trips are made to humane societies that rescue and place homeless pets. The humane societies have a strong focus on education. Our goal is to give the children an atmosphere of learning that is interactive when possible to give them the maximum retention. The field trip fulfills district set science curriculum for 2nd thru 4th graders.

Grades requested:
2nd thru 4th grade.

Dates of occurrence:

The NaturVet Foundation hosts 2 field trips per month January thru June.Perspective in the scope of opportunity, what does this mean?Field trips expand children’s learning through active hands-on experience with the rich resources of the local community.

The NaturVet Foundation Field Trip Program is designed to help bring learning to life for students. With the nation’s schools facing increasing budget shortages each year, field trips are often oneField trips increase student knowledge and understanding of a subject and add realism to the topic of study.

of the first elements eliminated from the curriculum. The NaturVet Foundation Field Trip Program, which launched in April 2006, provides funds for transportation and educational resources at various district approved Humane Society locations. Our program further demonstrates the foundation’s commitment to educational support for America’s schools.
Teach children how to be responsible pet owners.
Teach the positive effects of spaying and neutering.
Teach the effects of pet over-population.
Teach the proper care and needs of pets.
Teach compassion for all animals.