Frequently Asked Questions

Pain Relief

Aches & Discomfort Soft Chews - Can these soft chews be given with joint supplements? +

Yes. We suggest breaking us the dosages into an AM & PM feeding.

Aches & Discomfort Soft Chews - Can this product be fed to cats? +

No. The White Willow Bark mimics the aspirin, and should never be given to cats.

SOD & Boswellia - Can this be fed along with a joint supplement? +

Yes. It gives extra support to joint discomfort.

SOD & Boswellia - Can this be fed long term? +

Yes it can.


Aller-911 Skin Care Shampoo - Will this shampoo wash off "spot on" flea treatments? +

No. It will not remove "spot" on treatments.

Aller-911 Skin Care Shampoo - Is this shampoo sulfate free? +

Yes it is.

Aller-911 Calming Aid Plus White Willow Bark - Can this product be fed to cats? +

No. The White Willow Bark mimics aspirin which should never be fed to cats.

Brewers Dried Yeast & Garlic

How much garlic does this product have in it? +

Contains 5% Garlic and is fortified with B-1, B-2 and Niacin.

I've heard that garlic can be toxic to pets? +

Onions have shown to be potentially toxic to pets. Garlic is member of the same genus as onions. However, garlic does not contain "n-propyl disulphide". At dosages listed, the concentration of garlic is unlikely to be toxic and may be helpful to the pet.

Does the product repel fleas? +

We cannot make those kinds of claims but in traditional use, our customers have reported great success.

I see Magnesium Sterate listed in your product. Will that affect a cat that is prone to urinary crystals? +

The magnesium sterate is just a tablet binder it’s not actually magnesium. Customer should still consult their vet in reference to the product.

How is this a good supplement for my pet? +

Brewer's yeast is a great source of B vitamins such as biotin, trace minerals such as zinc, proteins, selenium and amino acids which support the nervous and immune system and helps keep skin, hair, eyes, and and liver healthy.

Why does it smell different from time to time? +

The brewing companies all use different yeasts in their products. These yeasts, along with the other ingredients, result in the differences in flavor and aroma in their various products.

Can this product be fed in conjunction with other products? +

Yes it can. All our products a formulated to work synergistically.

Calming - Quiet Moments Supplements and Pheromone spray

After giving, how long will the product take effect? +

You should see a calming effect with your pet within 30-40 minutes.

How long does the calming effect last? +

Depending on the stress situation, the calming effect should last 3-4 hours. The Calming Spray can last up to 8 hours.

How many times a day can the product be used? +

You can re-dose the product 6 hours after the initial dosing.

Is the product safe to feed long term? +

Quiet Moments was formulated to ease anxiety and stress for short, stressful, intermittent situations.

Will the Quiet Moments knock my pet out? +

No. The product will help ease anxiety and stress but does not act like a tranquilizer or drug.

How long does the Quiet Moments Spray last? +

The Quiet Moments pheromone spray can last up to 8 hours.

Can the Quiet Moments Supplements be used with the Spray? +

Yes. They can both be used together.

Can I feed the calming aids before or after surgery? +

No. Discontinue use 48 hours before surgery and do not feed 48 hours after surgery due to the anesthesia given.

Should this product be given with food? +

If your pet has a sensitive stomach the supplement should be fed with food.

Why is this making my dog more hyper then calm? +

There are a variety of calming herbs in the Quiet Moments supplements and occasionally a pet will have the opposite reaction to one of the ingredients.

Coprophagia - Stool Eating Deterrent

How does it work? +

The glutamic acid makes the stool taste foul or sour.

Is glutamic acid the same as MSG? +

No it isn't. L-Glutamic acid is a 'non-essential' classified amino acid that is very common in plants and animals. MSG is D-glutamic acid 'outside of protein' or 'free glutamic acid' is artificially and chemically produced outside of the body.

How long should it take to be effective? +

Most stool eating is a habit and will take up to 30 days to break. Don't give up!

When can I start feeding this to a puppy? +

6 months. Sometimes by that time, they will grow out of the habit.

I have two dogs. Who do I feed the product to? +

It should be fed to the dog whose stools are being eaten however it is perfectly safe to feed to both dogs if you are not sure who is producing the stool being eaten.

Can it be fed to cats? +

No. It is not recommended to feed glutamic acid to cats.


Why should I feed digestive enzymes to my pet? +

The heat processing of popular dry or canned commercial pet food destroys nearly all the naturally occurring enzymes. Digestive Enzymes assist in the breakdown of food enabling nutrients, essential for all cellular functions, to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Also, undigested commercial pet food in the stomach builds up toxins that can weaken and may leave the body open to disease.

Where do the digestive enzymes come from? +

Enzymes are not live cultures. They are extracted from bacteria and then processed into powder form by spray drying or by freeze drying. Neither process damages the integrity of the enzymes.

Are the digestive enzymes from animals? +

No. They are plant based.

What are prebiotics? +

Fructooligosaccharides, FOS, help B. coagulans and other beneficial bacteria in the gut by providing a food source. Prebiotics are actually preferred by good bacteria over bad.

What are probiotics? +

Probiotics are live micro-organisms and are added to the enzyme powder in dry form. The spores are activated in the stomach (stomach acid and moisture both play a role) and germinate and reproduce in the intestine.

Why is the PB6 Probiotic better? +

Natural, non-GMO probiotic strain very stable spore former. Studies show PB6 was viable after two years even at 122F temp. No refrigeration required fast growth to restore microbial balance in the gut has over 10 years of research does not move across the intestinal wall does not have the ability to create antibiotic resistance has the ability to survive various pH ranges: stomach acids, bile salts does not remain in the animal for excessive periods after administration stops. Probiotics are live micro-organisms and are added to the enzyme powder in dry form. The spores are activated in the stomach (stomach acid and moisture both play a role) and germinate and reproduce in the intestine.

Why should I feed probiotics to my pet? +

An unbalanced GI tract can impact health in many ways and it is important to re-establish the balance quickly. Supplementation becomes necessary to maintain proper health, as gut micro flora is involved in resistance to disease.

Does the powder come with a scoop? +

No scoop so the dosing will be more accurate with a measurement spoon.

What is my dog is 5lbs., do I still give 1/2 tab? +

We suggest you start off with 1/4 Tab to make sure there is no gastric upset.

Can I give the dog chews to my cat? +

Yes you can but you must breakdown the dosage accordingly.

Can I give these to my dog if he is on medications from my Vet? +

Yes you can however, if your pet is on prescription medication, we suggest you notify your Veterinarian.


What is in GrassSaver®? +

GrassSaver® is a combination of b-complex vitamins, amino acids and biotin.

Is GrassSaver® harmful for my dog? +

Has been reviewed and accepted by the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine for safety.

How does it work? +

The dl-Methionine, an essential amino acid, helps balance the pH of the urine. It is common to meats, poultry, and many other vegetable food sources.

Can I feed GrassSaver® to my puppy or pregnant dog? +

GrassSaver® is not recommended for pregnant or lactating females, cats, and puppies under 12 weeks of age.

Do all the forms of GrassSaver® work the same? +

Yes they do.

Do all female dogs burn the grass? +

No. Not all female or male dogs burn the grass.

Can I feed the GrassSaver® as a preventative? +

If your dogs urine is not burning the grass, the GrassSaver® supplement may cause them to burn the grass.

Grooming Aids

Ear Wash - Can the Ear Wash be used every day? +

You can use the Ear Wash as often as necessary.

Ear Wash - Isn't Tea Tree Oil toxic to cats? +

Yes it can be but the product was formulated by Dr. Pedro Rivera and only has .03% tea tree oil in the product.

Ear Wash - Is it safe for my pet if they lick it off of the fur? +

Yes. It is perfectly safe if they lick some product that was spilled on the fur.

Septiderm V Shampoo & Lotion - Why is the shampoo so runny? +

The consistancy is like this so it can penetrate the fur and work down to the skin.

How do I apply the lotion since it is so runny? +

The best way to apply it is with a cotton ball.

Hemp Health

Will these products get my pet "high"? +

No. Our Hemp has been tested and certified for below minimal THC.

What are the benefits of hemp? +

Hemp seed oil or powder provides support for allergies, skin & coat, inflammation, anxiety and helps to boost the immune system. It contains 20 amino acids as well as omega 3 & 6 fatty acids helps boost the immune system.

What are CBD's? +

CBD's (minimal) attach themselves to certain cell receptors in the body. If those receptors are off balance, CBD's will help those cells produce their desired effects such as boosting the the immune system, reducing discomfort, supporting the body's natural inflammatory responses and addressing anxiety.

What is the difference between hemp and marijuana? +

The plants are completely different in function, cultivation and application. Hemp has been grown for many years for agricultural purposes as a sustainable resource and has been used in textiles, oils, industrial products, and food and feed products.

Hip & Joint

How do I choose which level joint supplement is best for my dog? +

Level 1 is to help maintain normal healthy cartilage and joint function. Level 2 is for average adult pets, those with beginning joint issues, large breeds. Level 3 provides additional ingredients to pets in need of advanced joint care, recovering from joint surgery and senior pets.

Have any studies been done? +

We have a brochure on a clinical trial done with the ArthriSoothe Gold.

Can joint supplements be used long term? +

Generally speaking, yes. But we suggest your consult with your Veterinarian.

Can the joint supplements be used with other prescription meds? +

We suggest you consult your Veterinarian before combining natural supplements with any prescription medications.

Can I feed the Aches & Discomfort product with other NaturVet joint products? +

Yes you can.

What does the "DS" stand for in Glucosamine DS? +

DS stands for "Double Strength"

Should the liquid joint supplements be refrigerated? +

No. We just suggest to store them in a cool location like a pantry.

Should my older dog use ArthriSoothe Gold or Advanced Joint Health? +

Either product would be suitable for a Senior dog or any dog suffering from advanced joint issues. We do offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.


No Scoot - Can this product be fed to cats? +

Yes. Just follow the weight dosage. it should be stressed that the owner needs to monitor the cat's water intake.

Anti-Diarrhea for Dogs and Cats - What is kaolin? +

A clay mineral which is the active substance in liquid anti-diarrhea medicines.

Anti-Diarrhea for Dogs and Cats - What is pectin? +

Extracted from citrus fruits. Pectin increases viscosity and volume of stool so it is used against constipation and diarrhea.

Anti-Diarrhea for Dogs and Cats - Are both the active ingredients used in Kaopectate? +

Yes they are.

Anti-Diarrhea for Dogs and Cats - Can product be given without food? +

Yes. Administer with a spoon or dropper.

Anti-Diarrhea for Dogs and Cats - What if the product is not working? +

The product is for non infectious diarrhea. If the issue continues past two days please contact your Veterinarian.

Salmon Oil

Is the salmon oil farmed or fresh caught? +

Our salmon oil is both wild caught in the Pacific Northwest and farmed in the Scandinavian countries.

What is Molecular distillation? +

Molecular distillation is a process to extract the oils. Molecular distillated fish oil goes through a process that removes heavy metals, pesticides and PCBs.

Do I need to refrigerate? +

The salmon oil in the pump should be refrigerated, the gell caps, no.

Can this product be used in conjunction with other supplements? +

Yes it can.

Tear Stain

How does Tear Stain work? +

Irritations can cause excessive tears which contain an abundance of organic pigments that are strongly colored. The marshmallow root addresses that. Excess tears can also lead up to to a build up bacteria on the hair under the eyes and the oregon grape root addresses this.

How long does it take before I see any results? +

It can take up to four weeks. You will see the new hair growing in unstained.

Can I use the Tear Stain Topical and the Tear Stain soft chews together? +

Yes. We highly suggest you use them together.

Will the Tear Stain product cause "dry eye"? +

No the product will not cause "dry eye" in your pet.

Can Tear Stain be used on cats? +

Yes. The product can be used on cats.

Does the Tear Stain Topical contain bleach? +

No. The product does not contain chemical lightners. The natural ingredients help break up the stain.

If the tear stains come back, can we give the product again? +

Yes you can. The natural ingredients are very beneficial to your pets health.

The product has Oregon Grape Root. Aren’t grapes toxic to dogs? +

The root is actually not from a grape plant. It is from a plant that was named that because of the shape of the flowers that grow on it.

Are the stains around the mouth the same as tear stains? +

Yes they are and the product will help with those too. Just make sure that the food you are feeding does not contain dyes.

How is Tear Stain different from Angel Eyes? +

Angel eyes contains an ingredient called Tylosin. It is licensed to use in livestock as a broad spectrum antibiotic. The extended use of this ingredient can lead to an antibiotic resistance.

Can the Tear Stain powder be added to the water? +

We never recommend putting anything in an animals water because if they don't like it they may stop drinking and could become dehydrated. Always put the powder in their food or just feed the tablets or soft chews as a treat.

Are the stains around the mouth the same as tear stains? +

Yes they are and the product will help with those too. Just make sure that the food you are feeding does not contain dyes.

At what age can I start feeding the Tear Stain product? +

Twelve weeks of age

Concerning the Oregon Grape Root - Aren't grapes toxic to dogs & cats? +

It is called the Oregon Grape plant because the flowers grow like grape clusters. It is not from a grape vine.

Training Aids

Bitter Yuck!® - How can you get it off my hands? +

Rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and Windex

Bitter Yuck!® - How can I get rid of the bitter taste in my mouth? +

Gargle with hydrogen peroxide and/or eat something really sweet.

Bitter Yuck!® - Should I saturate the item in this product? +

No. A light spray will do the trick.

Bitter Yuck!® - Can you spray it on wooden furniture? +

You can spray Bitter Yuck! on any washable surface. We suggest you test the product in a hidden area first when using on fabric or wood.

Bitter Yuck!® - How many times per day should I use this product on the specific item? +

You can reapply 2 times a day on soft surfaces, and 1 time a day for hard surfaces. Hard surfaces need to be cleaned before putting this product on them.

Bitter Yuck!® - Can it be used on wounds? +

Yes. You can apply it around the wound area with a Q-tip to keep the animal from licking or biting.

Bitter Yuck!® - Can it be used on plants? +

Due to the variety of plants, test a small area first before spraying the whole plant.

Bitter Yuck!® - Does this product sting? +

No. It does not contain alcohol.

Bitter Yuck!® - Can Bitter Yuck be used on birds, chickens, rabbits or ferrets? +

It was only formulated for use with dogs, cats and horses. We suggest checking with a Veterinarian first before applying it to other species.

Bitter Yuck!® - What is the bittering agent? +


No Scratch™ - Can this product be sprayed on a leather couch? +

No. Spray the product on a cloth and when dry, drape it over the area of the couch where it is needed.


Cranberry Relief - Will the Cranberry Relief dissolve the bladder stones in my pet? +

No. You will need to see your Veterinarian.

Cranberry Relief - Can my pet take the product long term? +

Yes. It is safe for long term use as a maintenance supplement.

Cranberry Relief - How do I feed the product? +

You can feed like a treat or crumble the soft chew and mix it in with food. Powders can be mixed in with the food.

Cranberry Relief - What is the natural flavoring in the powder? +

Stevia, which is safe for diabetic animals.

Bladder Support - What causes incontinence in dogs? +

The cause of urinary incontinence is generally a hormone deficiency, replacements with hormone precursors such as wild yam root may prove effective.

Bladder Support - Can incontinence be cured? +

Some of the causes of incontinence can be cured; some just have to be managed.

Bladder Support - Can Bladder Support be used with Proin? +

Yes. Start with a high dose of bladder support 2x label dose. After 2 weeks decrease Proin by 25 percent every 2 weeks until gone. Continue the higher Bladder Support dose for 2 more weeks and if it'as working, then slowly reduce Bladder Support to label dosage.

Vitamins & Immunity

If I am feeding a good quality kibble, why should I feed vitamins? +

The heat process used to bake, extrude, and cook commercial pet food can destroy much of the nutritional value.

Should I feed my puppy vitamins? +

Yes. They are formulated to give puppies a “head start”and contain ingredients to support growing puppies demanding nutritional needs.

What does the "Time Release" mean on the label? +

The Time Released formulas provide longer lasting performance and the balanced absorption of nutrients.

Can the vitamins be given with other NaturVet products? +

Yes. They all work synergistically together to help boost the health of your pet.

What do vitamins do? +

Vitamin supplements will help pets maintain optimum health levels. Vitamins help regulate body processes, protect the body from environmental toxins, and break down nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats so the body can utilize them. Vitamins work with minerals and enzymes for digestion, reproduction, muscle and bone growth, and maintenance of healthy skin and haircoat.

Can I feed Mushroom Max along with the vitamins? +

Yes you can feed them together.

Is this supplement good if my dog has cancer? +

We cannot say our supplements cure any disease however boosting the immune system is standard procedure for any pet facing health compromising issues.

What is the protein & fat content of the chews? +

The approximate protein level in each chew is 14%. The approximate fat content is 14.5% of the chew.

Is this product a suitable substitution for a joint supplement? +

If your pet is suffering from advanced joint issues you may need to add an additional joint supplement appropriate to the level of their needs.

Can this product be given in conjunction with other supplements? +

The All In One is a complete supplement for adult dogs. You can add additional remedy supplements such as No Scoot or Tear Stain, if needed.

Yard Odor Eliminator

Yard Odor Eliminator - If you do not have a hose, what is the breakdown? +

1/3 cup to 1 gallon water.

Yard Odor Eliminator - Is it enzyme based? +

No. It is a mild, diluted, quaternary ammonium compound.

Yard Odor Eliminator - How does it work? +

YOE eliminates odors on contact however they will return once the area has been re-contaminated.

Yellow to Green - Will this make my grass grow back? +

No. The product is just a colorant until GrassSaver® will get the yellow spots under control.