03/19/2020 2:41PM

Hello Everyone,

Please bare with me and my emails, I know some of them are getting repetitive but we cannot stress these things enough.

As a reminder:

Please stay home if you are sick. If you come in sick with obvious symptoms you will be sent home. You are welcome to utilize vacation or sick time to cover for this. Ultimately, our goal is to try and keep everyone healthy as much we can by taking extra sanitary measures, keeping sick germs out and emphasizing the importance of washing your hands. Your job will not be jeopardized, as a matter of fact- we thank you for not putting the rest of us in jeopardy of getting sick.

On Monday, I sent out an email advising you of my hand sanitizer order, since then my order has been cancelled by the supplier. They simply could not meet the demand. However if you really want some, QC is able to make you some since we have the ingredients in house although they will be more of a watery consistency. Please let Juan know if you are interested.

On that same email from Monday I also mentioned our toilet paper issue. I am happy to announce that we were able to get a decent amount in house today. Not sure if our supplier will be able to keep up so please still be considerate but sanitary with your usage.

Please let me know if you have any questions.