Common Breeds That Suffer from Dog Arthritis & Joint Issues

Dog Arthritis (inflammation of a joint) can lead to the development of several grades of joint disorders. Joint problems including dog arthritis are unfortunately a very common occurrence, that can affect our pets at different levels. Some dogs may just experience minor aches and discomfort while others may be affected to the point of interfering with normal athletic performance and daily living activities.

Though any size and breed can potentially develop dog arthritis or joint issues in their hips, knees, backs and elbows, some breeds are far more likely to develop these issues compared to others.

Some of the breeds that may be more prone to develop dog arthritis and joint issues include:

1. German Shepherds
2. Golden Retrievers
3. Labrador Retrievers
4. Dachshunds
5. Newfoundland’s
6. St. Bernard’s
7. Rottweilers
8. Mastiffs
9. Great Danes
10. Old English Sheep Dogs

Although most of the breeds listed above are considered large, small breeds are not exempt from developing arthritis or joint issues. Large dogs if not fed or exercised properly may end up carrying lots of extra weight that may affect some of their joints. Hips, knees and elbows are some of the most common joints affected. Sadly, some of the large breeds like Great Danes and St Bernard’s, if left unchecked may grow so quickly that they may develop these joint issues at an early age and not show any signs for years.

As mentioned before, small breeds are not exempt from these maladies. For example, Dachshunds are predisposed to develop back joint issues, but other small breeds like Corgis and Basset Hounds, may also develop joint issues. These latter breeds (Daschunds, Corgis and Basset Hounds) have long bodies and short legs, causing the brunt of their physical activities to be transferred to their backs. As you might imagine, it is extremely important to keep their weight low and not allow them to jump off high couches or beds as their body develops.
Since any breed can develop dog arthritis and joint issues, it is extremely important to keep an eye out for any outward signs and symptoms.

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